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Mental Wellness & Counselling (MWC)

PowerHim Mental Wellness & Counselling (PMWC) is a program designed to provide psychological and counselling services to member of our society in our efforts to ensure everyone has a right to mental health in line with recommendation released by MoH Taskforce report on Mental Health in Kenya 2021. Powerhim is committed to provide solutions to members of public on Mental Health, focusing on common disorders and other associated illnesses that is evident across all age groups especially during Covid 19 Pandemic and economic recession at this age that robs us peace in families, workforce in the market and productivity in our country due to immense stress levels.

When it comes to Re-Gaining Control over your Life, Our Caring Team Can Help You With

  1. Anger and Stress Management
  2. Depression / Anxiety Disorder
  3. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  4. Suicide Prevention / Recovery
  5. Addictions Rehabilitation
  6. Personal Empowerment and More

We happily give support to Individuals and Groups like Parents, Youth, Teens, Kids or Elderly and Corporate

Together with our partners We lobby to address the scourge of mental illness, and its Social-Economic effects applying multi sectoral approach and liberate our Generation.