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Rite of Passage for every man is perhaps the most important Transition in his live. The one that takes place when is aware, informed and maybe at will. Only second after the marriage decision. The challenge is, mostly the Initiate don't have 100% Control of the process because it's the parent, the guardian and mainly the social factors that has the say as to When, Where and Who to administer and facilitate this important transition.

What does that mean then? Glad you asked. Male Circumcision cannot be taken lightly and its purpose is beyond a ticket to enter through manhood door. First of all its testament to a covenant with God, it's not a cultural Idea, or highschool check list. Genesis 17:10-14

Secondly, Rite of passage based on how its structured, gives initiate a family of buddies, a place, and a space in the society that serve as government that put checks and balances throughout his life. He can always count on most of this age set, in his subsequent transition. In them he has royal friends who walk with him through thick & thin even to end of his live. As matter of fact, some cultures still insist they must be in charge of their pals burial from preparation until he's interred to the grave. Our fathers most genuine friends became so during their initiation. Check again!

Thirdly, our families continuity depends heavily on how and what we invest in our Sons. Now to imagine that during Rite of Passage period is simply an event and season that we need to just pass through without caring on the Value and Virtues we instill, it is an equivalent of sustained episode of horror clip that happen and you know it isn't real.

Final Thought.

Everybody now knows especially parents the reality of modern world.
Everywhere you're treated based on what you're able to contribute, "The Value you bring in"
Not academic, not status nor Theological Exploit anymore. Its based purely on what you can produce. Now what you can produce is based on what has been IN.....VESTED that is it.
So dear parents before you book your Sons for Circumcision, ask what are you investing. Let the explain, demonstrate and possibly prove. Which areas are they addressing. Most are doing Physical that's Circumcision procedure, feeding and accommodation. Others are going step a head to bring spiritual nourishment.
But you're really looking for the best available option, Check out https://powerhim.africa/ we are doing the above plus Emotional and Mental Stability Hacks.
Because Mental Health matters especially in every Man's live
All designed to produce Capable, Stronger, Focused, Self Sustaining and God-Fearing Man

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There's no repeat of this process Jipange, it happens once

The Author is
No1 Boychild Ambassador
Mental Wellness4Men Adv and He is Co. Founder of Powerhim CBO that Exclusively deal with Boy Child
Executive Director at Sightwin Media