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School Mentorship Program (SMP)

School Mentorship Program is designed to reach out to our boys in school and engage them in a real conversation specifically on positive masculine and ground them from onset to mold a courageous man who is able to face his fears, uncertainties and also embrace his uniqueness, his talents, his abilities and communicate the same to his significant others as well as being able to express himself comfortably without fear of being judged. This is the real EMPOWERMENT to the Man because it touches on every important aspect of his life.

  1. Spirituality
  2. Emotionally
  3. Cognitively
  4. Psychically

Our main goal is for the boy to identify and take their place in society through instilling acute awareness of their role in their own personal lives and that of others around them. Who want indecisive, clueless and weak man without direction as his son? This is why we invest heavily in Modeling to young men true ethical values via credible examples of male figures that inspire hope and who are also ready to support and Walk With Him. We take our mentorship beyond school that during holidays we have after school programs that gives our boys opportunity to learn real life experiences from their mentors.

Always emphasizing on Holistic life experience with special attention on Mental Wellness of our School going Boy in all level of study. Therefore, we asses and book some of the boy who need professional intervention for psychological and counselling support for a healthy thriving young man ready for demanding life after school. With ability to contribute positively to the nation both economically and socially taking their responsibility with joy and actively increasing their capacity to produce to the job market and family live because as it stands, we have a very worrying tread of young adult male who are unwilling to work, to take risks or even to procreate.