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Young Entrepreneurs Link to Marketplace Opportunities (YELMO)

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Every year our learning institutions keep producing young, energetic and very intelligent youths. Who’s upon completion of their respective studies, covered with relevant honors, majority end up with nowhere to go to work and frustrated by the sheer challenge of even surviving for livelihood.

Powerhim through YELMO organizes and host forums to link the youthful young people with Job-Market opportunities as they emerge as well as giving them space to incubate our Young Entrepreneurs Idea that include Pitching and Testing viability to the market.
Here the objective is to help the Young Turks to learn the actual throes of running business adding value to whatever solutions they are offering and identifying loopholes that hampers growth to their ventures.

Equally Powerhim assist by offering platforms to learn the necessary skills and required components of becoming the best in their industry through our rich cultured business gurus and professional ready and willing to share their experiences gathered over the years.

When it comes to preparations of Startup, Structuring and Launching business Powerhim delivers unmatched coaching that helps our clients to avoid pain, frustrations and eventual throwing the towel on their ventures saving both CAPITAL and Essential TIME.


Our Main focus is:

  1. Idea / Venture validation (Who need it, where are they, how many)
  2. Business Structuring (Org Chart, Recruitment & Staffing)
  3. Capital Mobilization. (Sourcing, Analyzing and Repaying)
  4. Market Penetration. (Key target, Marketing Strategy, Audience Response)
  5. Value Distribution. (Models of Delivery and feedback collection)
  6. Profit Management. (Differentiating Sales & Profits, Saving and Investment)
  7. Growth Management. (Adding Staffs, Scaling & Sharing).


We offer a working formular that is guaranteed to generate results in various industries as well as ensuring young people are welded with skills that are in demand at high end market. Making them the most sought employee because they are not only resourceful but useful to the employer.

Your Son doesn’t have to be a Burden like it’s the case to many.