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We produce a Strong, Capable, Responsible, Focused & Self-Sustaining MAN

Power Him is a not-for-profit solution-based organization dedicated to empowering and supporting vulnerable boys. We've carefully chosen to Walk With Him, addressing the vices that touch on his development throughout his life from formative to productive age.

Informed by many challenges facing the boy child, the organization forges innovative ideas, strategies and partnership to strengthen solutions for young men with programs that are designed to produce a Strong, Capable, Responsible and Focused Self-sustaining MAN who contribute positively to his society instead of becoming a burden.

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Boys are our Collective Responsibility

How can we see boys as someone with his place & future other than problems? How can we effectively help boys resolve the difficulties they face?

Power Him challenges the society to see boys in new ways and mentors young men to be more interpersonally engaged.

We believe in the ability of boys being healthy, happy individuals who are positive contributors to community and family life. We recognize and support what is natural about boys' behaviour and realize the necessity of helping boys to connect more with themselves and others.

Through our strengths-based boys groups, football tournaments, youth forums and workshops for adults and boys we are guiding the current generation of boys toward becoming a future generation of relationally skilled men.

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Dress A Boy Initiative (DABI)

Dress a Boy Initiative is one of the most successful program…

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School Mentorship Program (SMP)

School Mentorship Program is designed to reach out to our boys…

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Mental Wellness & Counselling (MWC)

PowerHim Mental Wellness & Counselling (PMWC) is a program…

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